Which Figures? Part 3a: Size Matters: Horse

Here's the final (for the moment) instalment in the What Figures? series. This post looking at mounted figures. 

For the full picture see:-

Which Figures? - the original post, where I ruminate about what I want from figures, and what led me to choose Peter Pig.

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Which Figures? Part 3a: Size Matters: Horses - I show side by side comparisons of what is available in 15/18mm (obligatory ruler content too) This post.

Which Figures? Part 3b: True 15mm/Epic Compatibility: Horses - a more in depth look at smaller 15mm compatibility

But first a few notes...

The background is the newly patented KeepYourPowderDry scale-o-matic. Horizontal lines are spaced at 5mm, the yellow shaded area is 15mm.

To help me take the pictures I laid the figures flat on the scale; this allowed me to level up bases. Some have utilised Redgrass orange putty to make them 'stand' straight

Deciding where figures should fit in the order was slightly problematic: do I go on horse height, rider height, or overall height? Overall height took an easy win (other choices were much too complicated).

Due to the physical size of the figures I couldn't fit them all into one shot, so I decided to split them into two batches with an overlap. The first covers 'true 15mm' into what I consider 'normal' 15mm; the second 'normal' 15mm into the 18mm ranges.

And finally thank you to Dex McHenry, Neville Brownlee and Dennis Bamber who kindly donated some figures for this comparison. I tip my hat gentlemen.

So here they are...

under www
Epic; Steel Fist; PeterPig
under Keep
Freikorps 15; Alternative Armies; 
under Your 
under Powder
Essex; Donnington;
under Dry
under co.uk
Khurasan; Blue Moon

under www
Essex; Donnington;
under Keep
Museum; Khurasan;
under Your 
Blue Moon
under Powder
Old Glory 15; Eureka
under Dry
Lancer; Gladiator
under co.uk
Interesting that the size order from the foot figures does not directly correlate with the mounted order. As with the foot figures there is a clear 5mm height difference between tallest and shortest figures.

Regular readers (hello all 21 of you👋) will be wondering where Naismith and Matchlock are in this list. Take a look at part 3b to see how they marry up and how I have cannibalised them. Epic owners wondering about a cheap source of personality figures (other than the extravagantly priced Warlord resin figures) might find part 3b useful too.

As, and when new ranges (and some older ranges) become available I will be updating the comparison picture.

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