Both my Parliamentarian and Royalist armies have identical artillery units. One heavy, one medium, and two light guns. All from the Peter Pig ECW range. Each gun is crewed by four gunners. Bases are different sizes to aid in identification of size of gun. Peter Pig simply call their pieces, heavy/medium/light as I don't think that they are a specific model representation of a particular piece of ordinance. My inner anorak didn't like that wanting to use some of the rather fanciful names given to cannons in the seventeenth century. After much deliberation, using artillerymen tables from the time (and models offered by Foundry and the Perrys) I hit upon the following:
* heavy gun = demi-culverin

* medium gun = saker

* light gun = minion

You'll notice that there is some extra paraphernalia added to bases: these bits are courtesy of Magister Militum and Donnington Miniatures. (Artillery pieces and gun crews painted by Alan Tuckey.)

Of course no artillery train is complete without limbers, unfortunately Peter Pig don't make limbers. So I sourced light limbers from Naismith, and heavy limbers from Museum Miniatures. The drovers that came with the heavy limbers were considerably bigger than Peter Pig figures, so I discarded them and substituted Peter Pig dragoon horseholders.

The Naismith limbers came without human figures, so they too got dragoon horseholders.

As the horsey inclined readers will have noticed the drovers are on the correct side for leading horses (apparently you should lead a horse on it's left); I clearly did learn something taking pupils to Riding for the Disabled riding lessons!


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