Colonel George Dodding's Regiment of Foot

 A snow-day allowed me to crack on and finish the final regiment of foot to be raised before Vapnartak.

Colonel George Dodding's regiment was raised in Lancashire; George Dodding, himself, was from Conishead Priory in Ulverston (at the time it was part of Lancashire, now it is in Cumbria). He also raised a small unit of horse which took part in the siege of Lathom House and Marston Moor.

His Regiment of Foot fought at Selby, the Siege of York, Marston Moor and Ormskirk.

Figures, as always, from Peter Pig: there are a handful of headswaps in the mix, my favourite being the bandaged head on the drummer. Bases, and custom casualty marker from Warbases.

The colour is the one illustrated in Fahnen und Standarten, as for the coat colour... like so many regiments we simply don't know.

As five of last seven regiments of foot I have painted have had grey coats I wanted to use some colour. Looking at my Parliamentarian regiments there are lots of reds, so I fancied painting a blue regiment (blue standard, so it's always possible). Went for a lighter blue than the dark blue I used for Rupert's blewcoats. I had a look through my photos of reenactors and found these from a Battle of Nantwich event.

Foundry Tomb Blue 23B seemed to be a good match, looked awful on first application, reminded me of some 54mm Timpo Napoleonic British infantry I had when I was a diddler. It wasn't until they had a good wash of Nuln Oil that I became convinced about the colour.

Now for a break from painting until after Vapnartak. I could always 'do' the casualty figures for the two new dragoon regiments...





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