William Douglas of Kilhead’s Regiment of Foot

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Here's the latest regiment to be recruited for the Covenant for Religion, King and Kingdoms. Sir William Douglas of Kilhead’s Regiment of Foot, here flying Captain Bruce's company's standard.

The regiment entered England in 1644 as part of Lord Leven's army, getting involved in the siege of York and ultimately taking to the field at Marson Moor. They then went on to besiege Carlisle, and ended up garrisoning the city after it fell. The regiment was disbanded in 1647

Sir William was made Governor of Carlisle, after the Siege of Carlisle 1645. In 1668 he was reated Baronet of Nova Scotia.

As always figures from Peter Pig's ever expanding ECW range. The lowland musketeers, used here, are still probably my favourite figures in the range. Once again these are lowland pike with their hands drilled out (must be getting better at that task, no drill bits broken, 100% success rate and I've still got all my digits intact), and the halberdiers are converted artillery men. Custom casualty marker from Warbases.

I have found a really good unbleached/white wool colour: Scalecolor 'nacar' SC-02 (available from Green Stuff World). Sadly, just a little too late for painting Newcastle's lambs. For those of you who have been asking, the 'blew bonnets' are Foundry 'storm blue' light.

Bit of a disaster with the spray varnish, the figures were fine, but the pikes went frosty white. In the end they got repainted as the gloss varnish trick sadly didn't work.

Standard was supplied by Maverick Miniatures, based upon representation in Fahnen und Standarten.

Only three more regiments of foot to complete before Vapnartak!


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