Prince Rupert's Own Blewcoats

The last Royalist regiment of foot in the latest round of recruitment. Just as every Napoleonic gamer has some Old Guard and some 95th Rifles, so every ECW enthusiast has to have Hesilrige's lobsters and Rupert's blewcoats.

The blewcoats weren't a stand out regiment of foot renowned for their toughness, or acts of daring do: what they do have is a fantastic flag. Here they are flying the colours of the fifth captain's company.

Originally raised in the west country, they became Rupert's Own Regiment of Foot  joining the King's Oxford Army. They embarked, as you might expect, on Rupert's march to York and Marston Moor. They had also fought at First Newbury*, and went on to fight at Naseby. So quite handy for making up the accurate orders of battle.

Figures, as always, from Peter Pig; standards from Maverick Models; and custom casualty marker from warbases. There are a handful of headswaps in the regiment, most notably one of the halbardiers lost his morion helmet in order to be given a floppy hat - I swapped the head of this figure for a Scots bonnet in Newcastle's regiment and much preferred it to the original casting, so decided to try it with a brimmed hat. Good, but not good as the Newcastle's version, still prefer it to the morion version though.

Blue for these blew coats is Foundry 'deep blue' 20B, a slightly lighter blue than I wanted but with a coat of 'nuln oil' wash it achieved the desired effect. Armour is Foundry 'blackened barrel light' 105C for those of you who keep asking.

Only two more regiments of foot to go and 18 days, before I can have some of Peter Pig's new dragoons (at Vapnartak). Next up Parliament's, and Derbyshire's very own, Sir John Gell's regiment.

* that's the First Battle of Newbury, not 1st Newbury Scout Group


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