Prince Maurice’s Firelocks

One of two planned 'commanded shot' units for my Royalist army. Prince Maurice’s Firelocks are believed to have taken part in the Battles of Leicester and Naseby, definitely taking part in the battles of Denbigh Green and Stow-on-the-Wold.

None of my commanded shot units carry ensigns, and are probably much too large in comparison to my regiments of foot, as they were most likely only a company or two of musketeers. No coat colours are recorded so I've plumped for red.

Maurice was Rupert's younger brother, he was given his first command in 1643 leading an army, reasonably successfully, against Waller in the Welsh borders. Eventually he took command of the King's western army, before surrendering and being banished from England in 1646.

In 1648 he joined Rupert in the Royalist navy off the Americas. He was lost at sea during a storm in 1652. Rumours persisted that he had survived and was a prisoner of the Spanish.


  1. Another cracking unit. I think red is a good choice, but this might just be based on a re-enactment unit ;-)

    The brothers' sea careers are as fascinating as their exploits during the 'land war'.

  2. Thanks FoGH. Can't really go wrong with a shade of red can you?


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