Holly Holy Day 2020, Battle of Nantwich

A photo gallery (painting inspiration) from the Holly Holy Day Celebrations at Nantwich, 25th January 2020. Which coincidental, fell on the 376th anniversary of the battle.

The march down Welsh Row to the war memorial.

Having laid a commemorative wreath, the armies march onto Mill Island for the re-enactment

Let battle commence.

A minute's silence for those who fell in the battle.

For an introduction to the events of the real battle, and the hedonistic delights of modern day Nantwich, see here


  1. Very atmospheric pictures - great to see this start to the re-enactment years still continues!

    1. Thanks FoGH, it was a bit nippy standing around on Mill Island it has to be said. Seemed to be a bigger crowd than when I have been before.


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