Earl of Essex’s Regiment of Horse, Major Gunter’s troop

Major Gunter's troop of the Earl of Essex's regiment of horse was the senior fighting troop of the regiment. The most senior troop was the Earl's Lifeguard and were originally equipped as cuirassiers; they are often referred to as Sir Phillip Stapleton's troop, as he was the commander in the field.

Major Gunter served in the regiment until he fell at Chalgrove Field in June 1643.

Essex's regiment as a whole, took part at Edgehill, Turnham Green, Chalgrove Field, Aldbourne Chase, First Newbury, Aldermaston, Padworth, Lostwithiel, Second Newbury, Donnington and Kidlington. In 1645 they joined the New Model Army as Colonel Richard Grave's Regiment.

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  1. More 15mm loveliness... I painted Grandison's using the same casts just yesterday.. :o)

    1. Are they up on your blog yet Steve?

    2. Being varnished as we speak - then basing to do.. :o)

  2. A fine looking body of men and horses.

  3. Excellent! Love these models, especially the blokes with pistols.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments. I particularly like the Peter Pig two part cavalry castings.


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