Road, River and Rail

Any excuse to shoehorn the title of a Cocteau Twins song in...

As I don't have the luxury of a permanent, dedicated battlefield my battlefield components have to be storable and adaptable.

Roads and rivers are courtesy of Fat Frank, they've stood up to a number of years use and abuse with no sign of wear or tear. Recommended.

Fences are courtesy of Museum Miniatures and give the right feel.

I saw some hedges at Salute from S&A Scenics and picked up a couple of packs. Added a couple more since.

Gabions from Baueda via Magister Militum.

Cheval de frise, stocks and pillory all from Magister Militum

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  1. I'm a big fan of Fat Frank and his roads and rivers are my own mainstays. Like you I don't have the option for a permanent set up. The fences are excellent. I picked up some mdf ones recently from Blotz terrain (their 15mm rough fencing) but they are still a little bit too regular for my taste.

    Have you thought any more of doing a couple of entries on the 'normal' countryside of the 17th century? The general landscape flavour and how that might influence skirmish and bigger encounters?

    1. I've picked up some really nice wicker fencing from Museum Miniatures, and lots of hedging from S&A.

      I have got a part written post on the C17th English landscape somewhere. Started because I fell down a rabbit hole trying to find out what gates looked like.

    2. Since asking I stumbled across your blog post from May 2019, about the Hovels Ancient Range buildings, and you do mention field boundaries and gates there!

    3. I do go on a bit at times. Sometimes I forget what I've posted.


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