Something Wicked This Way Comes

The dreadful Witchfinder movie sent my train of thought to the myths, plague, and superstitions of the seventeenth century. Which ultimately led to the Witchfinder General rules.

A fierce group of  C17th Welsh women, in national dress, seeing off some strange  cat/bird hybrids.
Once the seed had been sown, I needed to do some research so the Underworld box set had to be watched. PVC catsuits must get hideously sweaty in battle, plus it's probably not a look everyone could carry off.

I've already got a motley crew of civilians, some rather splendid plague physicians, priests, and a witchfinder figure from Matchlock, so I didn't think that it would be too much of a leap to find werewolves, vampires, barguests and noctelingers. Or so I thought.

Figures are easy to find in the '15mm' interpretation that is closer to 20mm, less so in the '15mm is 15 actual millimetres' figure sizing. I eventually found some.

Magister Militum provided witches,

One witch from the coven/cauldron pack, another from the flying pack. Skin painted flesh then ink green wash applied. As Granny Weatherwax would say "punters expect witches to have pointy hats"


Chucking out time at the Red Lion often has this effect upon the locals

Basecoated flesh, then hair dry brushed. Heavy coat of Nuln Oil to finish.

ghouls (as a proxy for noctelingers),

Again skin painted flesh then heavy coat of ink green wash.

and Khurasan (again via Magister Militum) vampires. Which are a bit too Buffy less 17th Century. Only one figure from the pack is really suitable, so I'm still on the look out for some more.

Plus Peter Pig provided a wolf pack, as barguest proxies.


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