Some More Royalist Commanders

I'm always on the lookout for some appropriately sized command figures for my armies - sadly the  ECW range is a seriously lacking in this department, and you can only go so far with conversions. So I took the plunge and bought some commanders from the Naismith ECW range - the figures below are the 'Lucas, Rupert and Charles I' pack.

But first a word about Naismith figures. An extensive portfolio of ranges that were sold by Navwar, the ranges available were slowly getting dropped from production until only a few of the 15mm ranges were still available. The Naismith moulds (and also Roundway) were sold and went back in to production. 

Those tempted to purchase Naismith should check the status of the company on internet forums, as service could be sporadic at best. The Naismith-Roundway website has gone, and the domain is available to purchase. 

Sadly, it does now look like Naismith have disappeared. However a limited stock of Naismith ECW can be found in stock at KeepWargaming (no limbers I'm afraid, as I've just bought the last packs). They do have the personality packs listed as in stock.

So here they are, remounted on another manufacturers' horses - Naismith horses can be a bit hit and miss, plus by using standard horses I hope that they blend in better.

A word about the figures - this pack varies wildly in height and heft. They almost look like they have come from different manufacturers who disagree on what 15mm means.

First off, Sir Thomas Tyldesley, which I imagine is meant to be Rupert. Regular readers (hello both of you) and people looking for a podiatrist in Tyldesley will have already read about the antics of Sir Thomas and his Regiment of Dragoons.*

Sir Henry Gage earned his knighthood relieving the siege of Basing House. He would  replace the unpopular Sir Arthur Aston as Governor of Oxford; the effectively demoted Aston going out of his way to attempt to discredit Sir Henry. Gage was mortally wounded in a skirmish action near Abingdon a month later. I believe this is the Lucas figure from the pack.

And finally Patrick Ruthven, the Earl of Forth. Ruthven was the accidental commander of the King's forces at Edgehill. I say accidental because Robert Bertie, the Earl of Lindsay was supposed to have been in charge but resigned the post over a disagreement about what tactics the army should use. He won at Lostwithiel, was wounded at both First and  Second Newbury before falling out with Rupert. Not long after Ruthven gave up soldiering for diplomatic work. If I'm correct and this is the Charles figure from the pack it could explain why the figure is noticeably smaller and slighter than the rest. Alternatively Mike Naismith had a below par day sculpting him.

* strangely the search term 'podiatrist Tyldesley ' continues to send a considerable number of visitors to this site.

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  1. Did you get any of their infantry? I'd be interested to see a comparison with the PP's... the Rupert figure is a cracker... he'd be a damn good stand in for Black Tom!

    1. I haven't got any Naismith ECW foot figures so can't compare those with the Piggies. Naismith Napoleonics are a very good fit size wise (height and heft).

      The madaxeman site has good side by side comparison shots (although in one of the pictures he has mislabeled some Roundway figures as Naismith).

      Naismith draft horses are a perfect match for Piggy horses, just their horses for riders can be a little strange.


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