TimeCast Fields

TimeCast have recently released a latex field set which looked the business, so to speak. Gamers using larger scale figures can easily use corrugated paper or those ridged doormats to make ploughed fields, those of us fielding 15mm armies, well the furrows would be just too big. (A fine bit of needlecord would probably do, but as this is not the 1970s I'm not quite sure where to get such cloth from, or even if it still exists.)

I ordered two of the field deal 3 packs. Giving four 9"× 6" fields, two 6"× 6" and two 6"× 4" fields. They arrived within a couple of days. An olivey green colour I gave them a good wash and dry. They were sprayed Humbrol dark earth and given a glaze of Windsor and Newton nutbrown ink, the edges were flocked before a good coat of Army Painter Matt varnish spray.

These would have been really quick to do, but unfortunately I killed my biggest brush trying to evenly apply the Humbrol basecoat. I don't know what it is but I couldn't get it out of the brush no matter what I used to try and clean it.
Have to say I am pleased with the results. Where I live it is sheep farming country, these fields remind me of searching ploughed fields in Nantwich for a misper (in a past life I was a member of mountain rescue and often searched areas miles away from anywhere remotely mountainous) so I think they'll do. One thing I have noticed is that they have started to curl at the corners, which I think is because I stacked them on top of one another overnight. Once I have titivated them with a few tufts I think I will store them upside down on a flat surface.

Every field needs a scarecrow (from the ECW sprinkles pack)...

...or haystacks (from Hovels)

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