National Army Museum

The National Army Museum (Chelsea) reopened last summer after being closed for two years. I never visited prior to the revamp, so can't 'compare and contrast'.

Well presented, spacious, excellent café - although thanks to its location don't be at all surprised to inadvertently eavesdrop on conversations that come straight from the 'overheard in Waitrose' Twitter feed.

One of the first galleries covers the Civil Wars, the highlight being Sir John Gell's Regiment of Foot standard. Sir John Gell's was the Derbyshire regiment so a bit of local pride seeing it.

There are a few other items of interest, and portraits of Cromwell and Monck. An original Sturt engraving of the Streeter's Naseby plan is also on display.

Cavalry often wore an armoured left gauntlet (bridle hand) for protection. What is particularly interesting is the fish scale buff leather upper left arm protector - I don't know of any other example on display elsewhere

The other highlight for me is the Siborne model of Waterloo, although I think it isn't displayed as well as the other Siborne model in Leeds.

(Lighting is great for viewing, but awful for taking pictures in here.)

Worth a visit if you are in the area. Free entry too.

They also have the following standard from the era, sadly not on display.

An interactive touch screen display, close to Gell's colour, illustrates this standard. It is identified as being circa 1688 and belonging to Prince William (later William III). Alternative sources suggest it predates the Civil Wars
Lots more for the London Civil War tourist can be found here.

Postcodes for SatNavs/mapping Apps, and Tube Station
NAM,  Royal Hospital Road SW3 4HT, Sloane Square


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