Welcome to 'Keep Your Powder Dry'. This blog is my way of storing a load of information that I have found whilst researching my British Civil War 15mm wargames armies. It is no way exhaustive, nor do I claim that it will be completely definitive. I expect to make errors, if you spot one please tell me. This blog is mainly a lesson in self-indulgence: it is mine, for me. But I do of course welcome visitors, and if it helps you out then I consider that a bonus.

Why is it called 'Keep Your Powder Dry'? There is a phrase often attributed to Oliver Cromwell ("put your trust in God and keep your powder dry") in a whole host of situations. The first time he was alleged to have said it to his soldiers was at Edgehill, only he arrived too late for the battle. Sadly no evidence that he ever said it exists. But Richard Harris did, in the film.

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  1. Hi, just came across your blog and have rattled back in time to this opening post. I enjoy the mix of figure painting/prep pieces, museum visits, film reviews. Nice bite-sized chunks - who says it's kids who have shorter attention spans?!

    A newbie to ECW gaming, though it's been bubbling away for 40+ years (thanks to the War Game and the Airfix Guide). I jumped in with Pendraken though owing to space and budget considerations.

  2. Glad you like it, and thanks for your kind comments. The Pendraken figures are lovely, unfortunate my vanity stops me getting varifocals so they are just too small for me to paint.


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